Who We Are?

Behand Energy Avijeh (BEA) started its activities as an engineering, service provider and procurement company in Tehran-IRAN. The founder and manager of Behan Energy Avijeh brought more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the fields of petrochemical, oil and gas industries within the Company. From beginning BEA developed and expanded to become one stop shop for every need in Oil and Gas Industries. Now Behand Energy Avijeh (BEA) is a complete assistant and perfect partner in almost every field of energy. We are prominent and leading supplier of equipment and technologies to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Industries. Our company possesses Head Quarter in Tehran, Logistics Offices in all IRAN provinces besides offices in Germany, China, Canada and UAE. Moreover strategic partners in Singapore, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Turkey & India enabling us to provide reliable services to the clients. Our Procurement Department comprises local and foreign purchase divisions. BEA can supply all requirements of an under construction plant or any operating plant in any stage with least price and shortest delivery time utilizing high skills of the procurement department. BEA overseas partner companies and vast list of commitments can help BEA to hasten and simplifying purchase different types of equipment and packages from abroad. During last years we have chosen our partners in a way enabling us to supply hard source and strategic equipment for Oil & Gas Industries.


We have the ability to custom engineer and fabricate according to the stringent specifications of our own Quality Assurance System, which became a benchmark in the industry. All our facilities are API,ASME, CSA, ANSI, ISO and Canadian Oilfield Manufacturers Association approved.


Collective purchasing power and a global network of manufacturers and strategic alliances allows our procurement operational efficiencies to be maximized. We have the flexibility and responsiveness to provide the most cost-effective value added services to best meet Client requirements.

Field Support

Our major focus is concentrated on supporting the region with a total engineering and supply chain capability enabling a wide range of services to be offered to our clients in the fields of commissioning, maintenance , turnarounds and start ups. Behnad Energy Avijeh mandates that client commitment does not end when we complete the project. Our field support has been established to provide our clients with expert assistance on any installation or startup requirements and continues to provide support for the lifetime of the installation.


We are providing our Clients with the most flexible and technologically advanced designs to satisfy current and future industry demands, ensuring at the same time a high level of customization at a reduced cost.

Refurbishment& Retrofitting

Behnad Energy Avijeh provides a cohesive project team to directly support projects for refurbishment of an aging asset including engineering studies and equipment evaluations for refurbishment.

Trouble Shooting

Our highly professional troubleshooting team will be able to address your problem and ensure the most reactive approach towards your problem solving.

Onsite Training

Behnad Energy Avijeh has sufficient expertise to provide on-site training. Informal or formal courses can be organized for operators, maintenance personnel, engineers and management.

Project Management

With its present staff and through its strategic alliances, Behnad Energy Avijeh has the capability to manage a wide range of projects; from small projects typically a few hundred man-hours to large 30,000 to 100,000 man-hours.

Drilling Operations

Fully deploying our extensive expertise and equipment and utilizing our strategic partnerships, Behnad Energy Avijeh provides contract drilling, well completion services and a vast range of complete drilling solutions that allows us to achieve a high level of efficiency at reduced cost and provide enhanced Health & Safety and Environmental programs.

Coiled Tubing Services

Coiled tubing operations often requires large pulling capacity. These operations include pumping fluids, kicking off wells, clean outs, running tools and hanging off velocity strings. Behnad Energy Avijeh International provides top of the line coiled tubing equipment with pulling capacity upwards to 100,000 lbs. Coiled tubing units are designed to operate in a wide range of ambient conditions, especially hot weather environment.

Nitrogen Lifting Services

Nitrogen lifting is an operation commonly used to enable a well to flow initially or bring a previously flowing well back on production. The nitrogen is simply used as a means of unloading and under-balancing the well to a situation where it will flow naturally from its own inherent reservoir pressure. The same basic principle is applied to a situation where a well is intentionally killed, (i.e., scale squeezes or stimulation treatments) or where a well has a tendency to kill itself (i.e., platform shutdowns).

Stimulation Services

The latest systems including Diverting Acid (NDA), Non-Damaging Diverting Acid (NDA-S), Organic and Akchoolic Acids (ORA, AHCL and AHF) and Non Acid Based Scale Removal systems (Sulf CLEAN and Carbo CLEAN) allow to treat any type well impairment.

Thru Tubing Solutions

Behnad Energy Avijeh International Services has a specialized thru tubing intervention division whom are experts in custom made solutions to solve any down- hole problem in oil, gas, water and salt wells, and complete project engineering. Our strength is our flexibility to respond customer needs, and to design tools suitable for any specific problem.

Procurement Services

– Collective purchasing power and a global network of manufacturers and strategic alliances.

– Maximization of procurement operational efficiencies.

– Flexibility and responsiveness to provide the most cost-effective value added services to best meet Client requirements